20 pcs Women's Bra Back Strap Extender Set. With 1 to 3 Hook Option by SUL

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DGI 0371 Bra Strap Extender
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£ 2.39


  • A Set of 20 pcs in Blck and White Colour.
  • Ladies bra extension material: the fabric part is made of elastic cotton and the metal hook part is made of stainless steel, the cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Cotton and stainless steel
  • Multiple adaptation: this brassiere extenders have 3 colors, black, skin color and white, suitable for various kinds of bras with back hook clasps
  • Extra room for you: the extended bra strap can create some extra room for you, thus to make it comfortable and easy when wearing your bras
  • Extend bra lifetime: this brassiere back extension helps to adjust your new bra and old bra size in case of weight gaining, pregnancy and bra's shrinkage

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