Keep it Handy MicroFibre Cloth, Extra Large, 30 X 30 cm, 3-Pack

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OTL 305989 3pk Microfibre Cloths.
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  • Machine Washable
  • Pack of 3, kitchen and bathroom cloth, multi-purpose cloth and a cloth for glass and mirrors
  • Cleans and shines without smearing
  • Can be used Dry for Dusting or Damp for cleaning
  • May be used with or without household chemicals
  • Each Cloth measures 30 by 30 cm's
  • Specifically made for LCD/TFT/LED, iPad, Laptop and Tablet type screens cleans without scratching
  • Ex-Pro Electronic device - LCD, TFT, LED, TV, Laptop, Plasma, iPad, Tablet SCREEN, Phone, Mobile & more - Microfibre Cloth - Pack of 3

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