2 Gel Ball fo Foot Cushions. Thick Gel Insole. Pain Reliever. Invisible. By SUL

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KF INSOLEG Gel Ball Foot Cushion
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  • SHOCK ABSORBER: The product is great for absorbs shocks and vibrations, it also distributes pressure in the forefoot area, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • The gel cushion pad have been designed to fit under your forefoot, reducing the burning sensation under your metatarsal heads when walking or running.
  • Especially One size fits most item, reusable and environmental. Self-adhesive, washable, without prejudice to shoes. Ball of the foot padding for shoes that cause fatigue.
  • These Clear Gel Metatarsal Pads will protect the ball of your foot when walking, exercise, work, running, sports & gym work. Relieve impact pressure and make all the above activities much more comfortable.
  • Ideal for Relief pain and rubbing on forefoot. Prevent from cuticle, corn, callus. Absorbs shock/impact, tendons & muscles

Simple look but very effective gel insole.

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