Pest-stop Easy Setting Metal Mousetrap (single)

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  • Easy to use and set.
  • Sensitive mechanism.
  • Powerful action.
  • Constructed of strong metal.
  • Reuse able and lasts for many years.
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est-Stop's Easy Setting Metal Mouse Trap is a long-lasting and highly effective trap that is built from strong metal with a reinforced base. It has a powerful spring and robust mechanism with metal jaws, meaning a powerful action for a quick and decisive kill. As it is made out of metal, it is much easier to clean for re-use than traditional wooden traps. It is easy to set and it catches so that your fingers are not put in jeopardy. It is designed so that the rat has to step onto the metal treadle to reach the bait, meaning an exceptionally high strike rate. Easy Setting Metal Rat Traps are also available, so all your rodent needs are covered. Pest-Stop is the UK?s leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality pest control products. We are serious about pest control and offer a comprehensive range of specially designed products to successfully prevent, deter and remove garden and household pests.

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