3 X Grout Pen For Mould Water Resistant Kitchen Bathroom Shower Revive Revitalis

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DGI 0973 Grout Pen 3 pk
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£ 3.99


  • White Grout pens are designed to restore and revive the look of white tile grout. Revitalise your bathroom or kitchen without the hard work.
  • Bring back sparkle to your tiling without elbow grease! Quick and easy to use and do it yourself.
  • Turn grubby, grey grout shiny white again. Surprise and delight your other half and give your d├ęcor an instant lift with this easy to use and economical product.
  • A quick solution to refresh the old grout between tiles producing a waterproof and mould resistant finish.
  • Easy applicator pen with wide tip. A must for any kitchen, bathroom or shower.
  • Non Toxic, Odourless, Water resistent.
  • Reversible nib extends the life of your marker.
  • Fast drying & Permanent formula.
  • Works in seconds.

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