O'Keeffe's® Working Hands® Hand Cream 96g Jar. With 100 % Money back gurantee

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O'Keeffe's 96g Working Hands
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  • High concentration of Glycerin which retains moisture
  • Contains Allantoin, an odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic skin-protectant
  • Creates a protective barrier on the skin's surface
  • Improves the health of your skin; instantly boosts moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee- If you are not fully satisfied with the performance of O'Keeffe's, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. Please follow instructions on pack
  • Made in the USA

Product Description The GRGOKWH O?Keeffe?s Working Hands is a unique formulation of moisturizing ingredients guaranteed to improve the health of your skin. Working Hands contains a high concentration of Glycerin that draws in and retains moisture which is necessary for skin to heal. Another key component is Allantoin, an odorless, non-toxic and non-allergenic skin-protectant derived from the Comfrey plant. It removes dead skin cells to allow for better penetration and absorption of moisture and moisturising ingredients. Gorilla Glue: The Gorilla Glue Company is a Family Owned business, based in Cincinnati USA. Gorilla Glue Europe was founded in January 2008. Products: Gorilla Glue Polyurethane, Gorilla? Super Glue, Gorilla Wood Glue, Gorilla Tape, O?Keeffe?s Working Hands. Gorilla Glue: Versatility: Ideal for most household fixes and building repairs, indoors and out. Bonds wood, metal, stone, foam, glass, and more. More Coverage: Gorilla Glue expands to 3x its size during curing. Remember a little goes a long way. 100% Waterproof: Won?t break down with exposure to moisture. Temperature Resistant: Unaffected by extreme heat or cold. Low VOC and Non-Toxic once-cured. Gorilla? Super Glue: Instantly Bonds Just About Anything: Sticks to rubber, paper, wood, leather, metal, ceramics, some plastics, and more. Impact Strength: Unique rubber particles provide built in shock resistance for a less brittle bond. Easy-To-Use: Thicker formula improves flow control and dries in just 30-60 seconds. No clamping required. Reduced Clogging: Anti-clog cap with a metal pin keeps nozzle clean and the glue fresh. Gorilla Wood Glue: Complete Projects Faster: Time is money. Gorilla Wood Glue bonds stronger faster and requires just 20 minutes of clamp time on most materials. Use Indoor Or Outdoor: D3 water-resistant, plus versatile enough to use on hardwoods, softwoods and wood-composites. Dries Natural Color: No orange after-glow like many yellow types of glue. Only real wood fibers, for a natural looking bond line. Easy To Use PVA: Non-toxic, solvents and mildew resistant, FDA approved for indirect food contact. Easy water clean-up Gorilla Tape: Tough All-Weather Shell: Helps create a tight barrier that can withstand moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes. Strong, Reinforced Backing: Tightly woven for extra strength, but still easy to tear by hand. Double-Thick Adhesive: Fills in gaps on rough, uneven surfaces for super-strong grip. O?Keeffe?s Working Hands: Guaranteed Relief for Dry Hands that crack & Split. Absolutely Odorless , Oil-Free & Hypoallergenic, Non-Greasy Guaranteed Relief in Days Brand Story O'KEEFFE'S COMPANY HISTORY The roots of O'Keeffe's Company go back more than 20 years to an arid region on the California-Oregon border known as the Klamath Basin. Bill O'Keeffe was a rancher and diagnosed diabetic who loved his rigorous, physical work. The tough lifestyle, however, took its toll on his hands and feet. His daughter, Tara, seeing the pain caused by his chronically dry skin, was driven to find product that relieved her father?s severely dry, cracked skin. Applying her skills as a pharmacist, Tara and her father spent years creating and testing various formulations mixed in her kitchen, until, many years later, she developed the basic formula for what has become O'Keeffe's Working Hands and, eventually, O?Keeffe?s for Healthy Feet. Now, with the amazing quality of Bill and Tara O'Keeffe's formula, O?Keeffe?s Company is committed to carrying out their legacy?developing skin care solutions that work as hard as you do. O'Keeffe's Company is a family-owned business and is proud to support our workers, the backbone of every American community. In 2015, O?Keeffe?s expanded their product line to include Working Hands and Healthy Feet in tubes. These are designed for those that prefer tubes for ease of use, portability and cleanliness but still want the same results provided by O?Keeffe?s jars. In 2016, O?Keeffe?s expanded again ? this time into the Lip Care and Body Lotion categories! Like all O?Keeffe?s products, NEW Lip Repair Lip Balm and Skin Repair Body Lotion are Guaranteed Hardworking Skincare.

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