Gel Eye Mask - Use COLD or HOT Relaxing Soothing Tired Eye Pad Headache Migrane.

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DGI 0204 Soothing Eye Mask.
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  • Cold Therapy - Freeze in the refrigerator or direct use.
  • Heat Therapy - immersed the eye mark in the water of about 80 Celsius degree until desired temperature is reached
  • Also great for Headaches, Sinus Pain or Migrane.
  • Effective in relieving and relaxing dry eyes headaches/sinuses puffy eyes & more Healthy and gives a comfy feel.
  • Relieves Stress & Relieves The Skin Around The Eyes.
  • Mask is made of vinyl with non toxic gel
  • Has a double head strap for comfort
  • Helps soothe headaches and weary eyes
  • Can be used cold or warm - Gives a comfortable feel.

Headache Relief Eye Mask Hot/Cold Cooling Soothing Relaxing Gel Filled Migrane depth:2-4mm weight:150g Universal fitting elastic strap Can be used cold or hot Cool in fridge or freezer, then apply Alternatively heat in warm water, then apply. Use with soft material between product and skin, eg tea towel. Soothes headaches, migraines and refreshes tired eyes. Also relieves stress and relaxes the skin around the eyes and forehead.

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