2 X Pair of Real Silicone Cushion Shoe Insoles - Great for High Heel. Superior

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KF INSOLEG Gel Insole 2 pk
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  • Great thickness cushions and have a great adhesive to keep them attached to your shoes.
  • Make wearing heels more comfortable.
  • Extensive and primarily made up of platforms and 4" heels!
  • Made of real & soft silicone material, non-slip design.
  • Adhesive Base for grip.
  • Extra Cushioning for your feet.
  • Helps reduce pain when wearing heels.
  • Absorbs shock and reduce friction.
  • Reusable from shoe to shoe.
  • Discreet and invisable.

Direction for use. - Peel off the protective film. - Position in a clean & dry area on the inner sole of the shoe. - Press firmly in place. - Wash with soap & water to restore adhesiveness, dry before use.

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