2 X Glue Tack Tack Reusable Removable. Blue Adhesive Putty Strong 50g New.

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County C403 White Tack 2 pk
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  • Removable Non Toxic
  • Use to temporarily mount posters banners photos maps charts.
  • Safe & clean alternatiove to tape, nails, glies tacks or staples.
  • Not suitable for under 5 years of age.

White Tack 50g Won't Dry Strong Hold Clean & Safe No colour Staining White Tack Provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tapes with hundred of uses around the home,office or school environment. White-Tack holds up: Posters, cards, paintings, decorations, maps messages and much more. White-Tack: Cleans fluff from Fabric and dirt from Keyboards White Tack allows you to stick paper or small objects to a multitude of surfaces around the home, office or school with ease.

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