Quality Metal Round Lice Nit Louse Detection Removal Comb Regular Use Assorted

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DGI 0239 Metal Round Nit Comb
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  • Lice comb, highly effective in removing lice and nits
  • Extra dense teeth
  • The teeth are made of stainless steel
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Removes Nits, Lice and Fleas from Childrens & Adults hair
  • Assorted colours. Only one will be sent.
  • Designed for maximum effectiveness by removing multiple nits with every pass through the hair.

Fine Toothed Round Metal Nit Comb. Brand New. The Nit Free Fine Toothed Round Nit comb was designed by a group of mothers who no longer wanted to use unpleasant chemicals to remove head lice from their children. This comb has fine round tipped teeth which go through the hair very easily and each one of the micro-spiral grooves gently removes anything that's attached to the hair such as lice, nits and even un-hatched 'live' louse eggs. Lice combs are made from either metal or plastic. Metal combs, with stiff tines, or teeth, and narrow slots between times will effectively remove or crush nits while plastic combs tend to "skip over" nits and are not as effective as metal Nit comb. How to use : 1. Apply any hair conditioner to wet hair. 2. Part the hair into section. 3. Comb through each section. 4. Clear each section before you move to the next. Features : - Fine Toothed Round Metal Nit Comb. - Suitable for Adults and Children. - Available in 2 colours (Yellow, Blue). - You will receive one colour randomly. - Top Quality Licensed Products.

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