Barbecue Cleaning Brush for Charcoal Gas Electric Infrared Outdoor BBQ Grills

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AIE 451781 T BBQ Brush
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£ 4.99


  • Ergonomic Plastic Handle & Strong wire shaft will not bend under pressure
  • 30cm Brush Length
  • Metal Bristle Cleaning Head & Perfect size to get between the slats and into the corner - cleans quickly and effectively
  • Strong stainless steel bristles of the grill brush quickly an easily cut through grease and residue buildup, in a few short strokes, guaranteed not to fall out, break off, or rust
  • Hanging Strap
  • Cleaning Scraper Steel Wire
  • Durable triangle design is carefully engineered for maximum leverage with the least amount of effort, allowing all areas of the grill to be cleaned quickly and easily

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