Traditional Double 6 Dominoes Game - 28pc Double 6 Dominoes Set In A Tin Box

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Kandy TY29853844 Double Six Dominoes.
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  • A classic game of dominoes.
  • Twenty eight chrystaline pieces.
  • Presented in a beautiful and convenient metal storage tin.
  • Suitable for everyone over three years old.
  • Size of each dominoe piece 4.75 x 2.5 cm; Size of the box 19 x 11.5 x 5 cm.

28 pcs Double Six 6 Dominoes Set A classic game that will bring hours of enjoyment: a full set of double six dominoes in a nostalgic retro toy tin box. This set of double six dominoes has 28 seperate playing pieces that come in a colourful storage tin. The playing pieces themselves are made from a heavy ivory coloured plastic and each piece has a decorative brass centre pin. A set of dominoe game rules and ideas is also included. Dominoes is a classic game, for both families and experienced gamers. Select your pieces then lead with the highest domino (depending on the version of the game you decide to play), then match the number of dots on the end to bring a new piece into play, add your score as you go or play to get all your pieces into the game. This pack contains twenty eight jumbo crystalline dominoes that are packed in a striking tin box-beautiful to look at, and convenient for storage. Bright colour dots add an extra touch to the game, making it easier to identify and match the pieces for young and old.

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