New Traveller Folding Padded Toilet Seat Soft Baby Toddler Training Helper Potty Shopmonk

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HQ BTT-20 Potty Cushion Traveller.
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  • A comfortably padded folding potty seat to take with you on short or long trips.
  • The Cushie Traveller Folding Padded Potty Seat is compact enough to carry in your nappy bag yet still provides the comfort and familiarity of the seat that your toddler uses at home.
  • It is also designed so that it is easy to clean with a wet wipe and features a washable carry bag.
  • No more pinched bottoms! Folds compact enough to take anywhere! Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats
  • Underside brackets help keep seat from sliding. Thickly cushioned for comfort and safety. Includes washable carry bag

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