Fish Shape Baby Bath Thermometer, Bath Tub Thermometer. in 3 Colours.

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PMS 709003 Bath Thermometer
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  • Fish Design Baby Thermometer
  • Helps make Sure Bath Water is at a Perfect Temperature to Prevent Burning
  • Fun & Easy to Use
  • Floats in the Bath
  • Avoid Accidental Scalds
  • The simple and easy to use floating bath thermometer is ideal for parents and carers at home required to assist someone in the bath. Ideal for checking the water temperature for your babies bath time.
  • High quality and low cost - Also ideal for the elderly - Floats in the Bath - No more worrying about the bath water being to hot or to cold
  • Proven to make bath time a safer place - Save your children from jumping in and out of the bath because it's not the right temperature.
  • Easy it is to use - Clear temperature markers in blue - Measure 16cm high by 3.5cm wide. When running a bath, run the cold water first stirring the water to avoid hotspots.
  • Place the Thermometer in the Bath water until the Thermometer gives a constant reading. Take care to re-stir the water thoroughly if you are adding more hot water

Floating baby bath thermometer is a must for your getting ready for baby checklist. Prevent scalds and make sure your precious little one loves bath time. The fish shaped thermometer allows you to check the temperature of the water in your bath, ensuring that your child is not burnt or scalded. The fish shaped thermometer is a great way to have extra safety for your child in the bathroom.

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